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Specifications of Headless Baby Cloves With Stems

Quality Headless Baby Cloves with Stems
Variety Well Dried
Harvest Fresh 2018
Color Reddish Brown
Origin Madagascar
Moisture <12%
Stems 20% - 25%
Headless Baby Cloves 80% - 90%
Odd Matters 0%
Metallic Content Nil
Packaging 50kg Jute Bags / 25kg Carton Boxes

Consumption of Headless Baby Cloves with Stems

  • Headless Baby Cloves are solely consumed for Oil Extraction and Grinding Purposes.

Lowest Value Product

  • Headless Baby Cloves are considered as a Lowest Quality in Whole Cloves Grades due to its Small Size and Headless as the aroma of Cloves is found in the Head Flower of the Cloves.
  • The Presence of Certain percentage of Stems in this Grade is also a Factor of its Low Quality.
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